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The World’s Most Powerful On Demand Course Guarantee. That says it all.

The best online EA course + The most powerful guarantee = An unstoppable combination

No credit card required.

5 Point Improvement Guarantee!

Improve your EA score, or get a full month's refund!

1) Guarantee Ranges:

5 Points - Scored from 120-155

Improve your score - From 156+


1) Email Official Score Report

Email us a copy of your Official Score Report from a GMAC testing facility to [email protected] when you sign up.

2) Complete The Program

Complete all of the EMPOWERea lessons for the study plan you intend to follow, and you must complete AT LEAST TWO EA Analyses.

3) The Guarantee

If your score doesn't improve according to the scale above, mail us a copy of your new Official Score Report from a GMAC testing facility, and get a full month's refund ($129) (note that official EA Exams® are non-refundable).

Valid for new enrollments from July 15th, 2021.

Score Cancellation Guarantee

According to the EA's score cancellation policies, you can cancel your score without leaving a record on your score report.

If you take EMPOWERea, complete all of the lessons, and decide to cancel your score, send us a screen capture from within your mba.com account that shows your official test cancellation, and we'll give you a complimentary month of prep.

Submit guarantee request

Proof of cancellation may be submitted within the first month after course deactivation.

Acceptable proof of cancellation (any one of the following):
1. Official score report
2. Unofficial score printout from test center
3. Screen capture of your cancellation from within your GMAC account at mba.com

Applicable to any cancelled EA regardless of score

An Advantageous Bonus

Beat your prior EA score by at least 5 points and EMPOWERea will pay for 1 hour of professional admissions consulting! A $250 bonus.

When our students succeed, we succeed. We don't just want you to get an amazing EA score, we want you to get into your target programs.

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